Pollution On Earth

March 8, 2009
By Anonymous

Among All Modern Problems Facing The World Today,The Problem Of Environmental Pollution is The Most Glaring. It Will Not be long When We Will Have to Wear Oxygen Masks if this Pollution increases at the present level as it is evident.There are many reasons for this pollution.We have to cut the forests to meet the demands of ever increasing population & setting up various industries. Burning of Petrol & the smoke emitted by the factories pollute the air. We breathe in carbon monooxide & nitrogen oxide. The effluents let off in rivers by the factories cause water pollution. Pressure horns,loud speaker,music from music parlour add to the sound pollution.All this has made human life a real nightmare. Human Health is in grave danger.Respiratory dieases like bronchitis,asthma are on the increase. The metropolitian cities have become unsafe for habitation.Children are most suffers. It is the need of the hour that something should be done to contain the increasing environmental pollution by planting more trees & implenting various laws to check it. If something is not done soon,the damage to our biosphere will be difficult to repair

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