Environmental Issues: Topic: Global Warming

March 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Global Warming is a huge, international, problem for the world. From the melting in the North Pole, to snow in usually hot places (Atlanta, and Florida). This appears very strange and highly unusual. In the past and in recent years many government officials, businesses, t. v. networks and shows, and other forms of media have been working hard to help out with stopping Global Warming. In my opinion the world needs our help, if we can pollute the Earth, we can at least try to save it from danger for the benefit of my generation and the coming generations.
I think we can help by:
First, just as we made an all switch to digital television. I think we should have everyone make a switch to either:
a.) hybrid cars
b.) electrical cars
c.) any other vehicles with low usage of gas
d.) bikes or
e.) train transportation- to cut down everyone rides a train or bus to get where their going without driving in so many other cars
If we can try to attempt this we can help cut down exhaust pollution out of the air.

Second, we could stop letting factories use coal to burn, it pollutes the air. Instead they could use:
A.)Solar panels, b.) Batteries or c.) Use electricity.

Third, instead of just throwing things away we could recycle, reuse, and reduce. Now I know that most cities (like mine) have recycling bins, etc, but some cities, states, and countries do not. I think it would be a huge help to not only the environment but to us, if we set up a recycling organization. These organizations would supply an easy way for everyone, including kids, to be able to help. It would start with all cities, states, and countries getting a form of a recycling bin. They would recycle and get it picked up by garbage workers. Then they should find a spot to build a factory (using one of the items listed) and use it make the recyclable items other things we could use. I think that one should be built in every country (at the least), that way it provides jobs and a way people actually know where their trash is going. Also I think the organizations should hold seminars telling people of many other ways they can help by going green. Another thing is that I believe it should be free to all people because it's not about just spending money, it is about saving our beautiful planet. My second idea for this topic is to re-use, I think that it is a good thing that businesses advertise ways to reuse bags, water bottles, etc' I think that more and more businesses, web sites(popular sites like MySpace; face book), t. v., and other types of media should start and continue promoting recycling and reusing. In my opinion we have so much technology, but we don't always use it the right ways. So by promoting to stop Global Warming it shows a good and positive message. Reducing trash and pollutants is quite a difficult task, when talking about reducing them in dumps and waste sites. In my science class we were learning about certain types of bacteria that break down waste. I figure, that if we grow enough of them in a lab and use them on the dump sites we can reduce a lot of our waste. I really think that in this case kids can help by reducing the amount of energy they use, and reusing and recycling, that way we feel as though we are helping the world also.

Fourth, another idea would be to unplug your appliances, turn down the heat (if not cold), and turn off the lights when there is enough daylight or when you leave a room. F.Y.I. did you know you have to pay for it? If nothing else makes you want to help knowing that you have to pay for it sure will. It just a simple way to spend more money when you don't have too. I f you aren't using it- unplug it, turn it off, or turn it down. This is just another simple way kids can help (P.S. I'm not saying go overboard with it).I think that it is another way people can get involve without having to be in activist groups. In my opinion it is just a way of killing two birds with one stone (as the saying goes), it is an easy way of saving money and the environment.

In Conclusion, there are so many different ways we can help our mother Earth. Government officials are too worried about the economy and the people (that is a good thing) and just don't have time. So it is up to us to help, because no one can do it on their own (it takes a village'). I figure right now China and the U.S. are two of the leading countries and I believe that if we put forth the effort and the importance of saving our Earth, other countries will follow by example. We can make the world a better place as long as we take it step by step with the help of everyone.

The author's comments:
This article is written upon my personal thoughts and beliefs. You don't have to neccesarily agree with it is just my personal opinion.
Thanks for reading:)

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