The National Forest

March 5, 2009
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The national forest on this planet is just disappearing! When it comes to logging, natural death or even weather, the trees are still just going away. The trees on this planet are so important to us, they create so much air and take away lots of carbon dioxide. Some other things are that they are used for housing and burning for fire. Another main reason about it is that they create so many habitats for animals yet people don't seem to care. They are even endangered animals there. It is just mind boggling. I think some options we have are that in every month they have a tree day where most people take part of their day to buy a tree and plant it in a park if you can. That plan would be hard for some people though because of the current economy problem. This is a plan for all the loggers, as the men come by and log they would have people following them with tree planting workers that replant seeds in the ground. This would also create many jobs. The last of the three choices I have is that they completely block off logging in some spots and just and arrest people or use force to stop them if they try to log there. This last choice is extreme but it could work. I think all of these choices would help the environment.

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