200 MPG

March 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I am what you could call a thinker. I enjoy inventing things to help, or just to be weird or cool. I like to make vehicles, and videogame systems, but mostly cars. Some of my ideas include a bike with a chainsaw engine that spins the gears instead of pedaling, and a car made of a shopping cart, with a lawnmower for an engine. But my best invention I think is the one I'm writing about. It is going to be the most fuel efficient car in history!! This car is for one, great for the environment, second, it' cool looking. Let me tell you about it.

This car is made of mainly carbon fiber (a lightweight and strong material made of fiber woven pure carbon ' also used in military jets and fighters). It has a motorcycle engine (they get around 60-80mpg), the tires are 2 to 3 times the thickness of a bike tire (for traction, but also for stability and smooth riding and last but not least fuel efficiency). The front is shaped like a flattened out arrow. It gets longer and longer slightly, while going toward the center point. On the side view it goes up at a smooth and aerodynamic angle over the seating area, flowing down to a small, sleek tailfin to cut wind resistance. The wheels are about as big as a bicycle wheel, but a tad bigger. They are covered over by a thin but sturdy piece of carbon fiber, so the wind does not damage the wheels or tires when the car is cruising down the highway. The mirrors are a very cool new design that flows with the body. If this car was mass produced, it would first off create more jobs, and it could drastically change the greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

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