Endangered Species

March 3, 2009
When you think about animals what do you think of? That furry little rabbit sitting in it's cage? Your dog playing catch with your little brother? Well I like to think of the animals that are suffering. I know huge downer right? Well they're going to need more then just me to survive soon. Millions of animals are on the endangered or extinct list or on their way to one.

The endangerment of animals is something to take very seriously! Every day or Minute an animal could become extinct. Some of the animals you've never even heard of. Others you know a lot about. Like did you know that the cheetah is endangered! I know, I was surprised, too. Their being hunted for their coats. Who doesn't want a real cheetah skin coat or rug. ME! And were taking away their land causing decrease population for them while ours increases. And everyone knows about the polar bears. How the glaciers acre melting. GLOBAL WARMING! And who was this caused by? You guessed right! US! Ordinary animals like that are becoming extinct. Who knew!

When you think of endangered species do you just think about animals. What about the plants? Some as ordinary as the sun flower and some you can't even pronounces names. NEWS FLASH! How do you think we breath. That's right, plants.

So next time you want to throw rocks at a squirrel or purposely step on a daffodil, think twice, you might just safe them all. Or at least one.

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