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October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Why are trees so important? Some one might wonder. Well they help keep air clean, they proved some animals with a place to call home, but they can also be a beautiful site with their high tops and colorful leaves. So why don’t we help by keeping them healthy and green?

I think that to keep the forest green and healthy we should just basically let them be they were here before us and they were perfectly fine. If we are going to cut more trees down we should at least replace them. For one tree that is cut down plant one and keep going.

If one of the three little pigs built his house out of brick I’m sure you could too. And less buildings out of wood. The abandon houses are mad out of wood instead of wasting the wood that’s already there we could remodels it and put new appliances in and maybe a paint job, there could be some one waiting to buy it.

Also there should be more local camp so not everyone is making a fire and killing the trees and the little animals that depend on them, the trees have lives too and that is keeping your air clean and protecting the tiny creatures of the forest.

Over all this paper is just a thought put into words. I just think we all should just live a little longer and have more healthy air and keep some woodland creatures in our forest because they also help the trees that help us. The big problem is people cutting down the trees but the easy and simple solution is, plant one.

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