Stop Pollution!

February 25, 2009
By Anonymous

Our earth is needed for us to survive. Why can't we give something to the earth in return? We the people of the earth should stop polluting it and instead give it what it needs. Every day there is more and more people polluting the air and water and making it harder for us to breathe and causing us to get sick. Why do we keep polluting the earth when there are many ways to keep the earth safer and cleaner? I have a few solutions that we can demonstrate to keep the earth clean and safe. First, instead of throwing garbage onto the ground or throwing it into the water we can put it into the garbage. Second, instead of buying gas guzzlers we can buy fuel efficient cars. That way we don't throw money out the window and waste trees and cause more air pollution. Third, we can fill cracks and holes on oil boats so that oil does not leak out and get into the water. Lastly, instead of industries dumping unwanted waste into the water and air they can dispose of it properly. It is very easy to stop pollution and all we have to do is think before we act.

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