Thoery of the salvation of our planet

February 20, 2009
By J05h!V37 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
J05h!V37 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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How to save the environment.

One of the main issues in the world today is how the earth is being treated, save this, save that, but nothing gets saved in the long haul. What is the answer to all of these problems? How can we fix this? Simple, do nothing. Do you honestly think that humans that have only been on this earth a small percent of the earth's lifespan can save it? The world has gone through so much more in the past five or six billion years, were only a scratch on the surface. Carbon Dioxide is a natural chemical from earth, you release it into the earth's atmosphere and it's not going to hurt it, it came from there at some point in time! Al gore really cracks me up. The glaciers aren't melting because we drive cars, their melting because the earth goes through cycles of heating up and cooling down. That's a scientifically proven fact. The only inconvenient truth is that he lost the presidency.

Also just because animals are going extinct doesn't mean we are the ones killing them. The Earth has been going through these cycle's since the beginning of time. Animals either adapt or they die. The world is changing, and it's nothing new. There will be a time where we have to adapt or we will also go extinct. You can't stop the inevitable so just enjoy things how they are and the earth is just dandy. So no need saving the environment, it's already saved.

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