February 14, 2009
By Anonymous

The Great White Shark has a bad reputation. People think it will kill almost anything in the water including them. Even though Great White Sharks are huge and scary they are endangered of becoming extinct.

Great White Sharks are white on there stomach, but gray on top. Great White Sharks have a lot of teeth so if they bite someone their teeth they bit with won't be in their mouth after the bite, because their teeth are not set firmly in there jaw. Great White Sharks have 150 teeth in there mouth, every tooth that grows is slightly bigger that the one before so they grow as the shark grows. Sharks are all different sizes.

Great White Sharks are called cartilaginous fish. Mackrel sharks body is shaped like a torpedo with a large tail fin shaped like a crescent moon. They have five gills on both sides of there body. Mackrel sharks also have a pointed snout. Female sharks are bigger than male sharks. Sharks are quiet picky eaters. Great White Sharks live in South Africa, Australia, Japan, and United States. Great White Sharks live in water that is 55F to 68F (13C or 20C).

Great White sharks travel over long distances throughout the world to find their prey. Sharks slow down in cooler water because cooler water gives them less energy for swimming. Sharks are cold-blooded and warm-bodied. Warm-Blooded animals keep the same tempature even if their surroundings are cold. It takes alot of energy keeping the same tempature. Warm-Blooded animals need to eat more than cold-blooded animals need to.

The greatest threats to sharks are that people kill them before they had young so when people kill them they are the reason sharks are endangered. We can stop overfishing, that means we catch something, but we meant to catch something else. Great White Sharks are very big, but they are still endangered animals.

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