CFCs Should Be Banned!

March 28, 2016
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All around the world, refrigerators, air conditioners, aerosol cleaning solvents, shaving cream, fire extinguishers all contain the non-flammable gas chlorofluorocarbons. It might seem as if this type of gas is harmless, but in fact, they are fatal to humankind. According to Wikipedia, the ozone layer is what protects us from our harmful sun, without it, the earth would just burn to nothingness. This inflames my temper, because I want to live in world, where you don’t have to worry about your health being affected by pollution or the Sun. Chlorofluorocarbons(CFC) should be banned around the world because they destroy the ozone layer. Some may say that CFCs are used to keep food fresh and cool, but this overlooks the fact that if we are all dead, then who is going to eat the food? This is like the story about a young boy, who only cares for himself, and the only thing he wants in the world is food. So even when the human society was about to collapse, he didn’t think about anyone, he kept his food in a safe place to eat later, but dies within a couple of days because of the pollution. The boy is like us right now and we need to stop our CFC emissions.


CFC’s should be banned around the world because it destroys our ozone layer and is dangerous to humans.When I was in preschool, I didn’t know anything, and I owned a really old refrigerator, which I liked to trap myself in because it felt really cool. One day, I went inside, and felt short breathed, so I opened the door and stepped outside for some air, but then, I felt dizzy and everything went black. When I woke up, I found myself in the hospital. I heard the doctors talking to my parents saying that I have been exposed to too much chlorofluorocarbons. This is what can happen if you are exposed to a lot of CFC’s. 


I have also read many articles that have stated the ozone layer getting thinner and thinner every year, especially in the poles. The ozone layer is like a plastic bag, covering our earth and protecting our earth. When we release CFCs into the atmosphere, it is like burning our plastic bag. This happens because the gasses that makes up CFC’s reacts with the gasses that makes up the ozone layer violently, causing explosions in the ozone layer, which destroys the ozone layer. This will mean that sooner or later, our hole earth’s ozone layer will be gone, and humankind will perish along with all the other organisms on earth.  The reason we would die is because of gamma rays released by the sun. The ozone layers blocks all the gamma rays, the X-rays and most of the ultra violet rays. The gamma rays today is used to destroy tumor tissues, so now you can see the power of gamma rays. If there wasn’t an ozone layer, the gamma rays will hit earth, and start to destroy organism’s cells. Then, we would just die because we would have lost too much of our cells to survive. Ultra violet rays are not as powerful, but if you are exposed to them too much, they have been known to cause skin cancer and cataracts.


Some may say that CFC’s should not be banned because they help keep us cool and keeps our food fresh. Keeping food fresh is why people even buy refrigerators. This means that we will fresh and delicious food to eat. The people who think this fail to see that if we are exposed to too much CFC’s, it can be really harmful to us. Being exposed to too much CFCs can cause unexpected unconsciousness, make people have irregular heart beats, and also make people short breathed. Which can lead to death. This means that even though CFC keeps your food fresh, and cool, it will still be able to kill you. If it is able to kill you, why would you want to keep your food fresh anymore? Just stop using products that contain CFC’s and buy newer refrigerators that don’t contain this harmful gas. Therefore, even though some people have argued that CFC’s keeps your food fresh, it can kill you, so you wouldn’t want to die just to keep your food cold and fresh.


All in all, everyone around the world will be able to see that CFC’s should be banned. I know that they are used to cool food down and keep them fresh, but if we are already dead, then what is the point of eating? We wouldn’t be able to eat anything because we would already be dead. Now you can see what the dangers of CFCs are, they are still allowed to be used around the world. A solution could be to use CFC free items, so that companies that uses CFCs in their products will realize what these chemicals can actually do and stop using this harmful chemical.   We need to speak up for our earth, and for our survival as well, so will you be using CFC items after reading this?

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