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February 7, 2009
By Robyn Moseley BRONZE, Bossier City, Louisiana
Robyn Moseley BRONZE, Bossier City, Louisiana
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Ok, we all know about the global warming issue, right? Well, my World Geography teacher was talking about how this genoration was going to be the ones that have to fix it. Well, after she got done tlking and she asked us if anyone had any questions, I ask,"So how do we fix it?". But the only response i got from her was an "I don't know,".

Which got me to thinking. If even scientist haven't figured how to eliminate, or at least keep it under control, then why do our teachers and the adults around us keep telling us that we need to fix it, if professionals can't even find a way. Why do they expect so much from us? And its the same with the economy! Now I wish they'd stop their bickering until they can specifically give us two things: 1) What specifically started Global Warming? and 2) How do we start to fix the problem? Because if we don't know how to start repairing Earth, then how are we going to find out how to stop the damage.

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