Climate Crisis

February 4, 2009
By Esmeralda Limon BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Esmeralda Limon BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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As I was driving down the road, I began to think about how I was affecting the environment. I was polluting the air I inhale thorough my nostrils and into my lungs. My body's main priority, I was polluting it! Presently did I notice that there were hundreds of other cars driving into different directions. Why should I stop using my car to help the environment? Its not like one person can make a difference right?

The environment is dreadfully important! Nonetheless, you must admit that hopping on that car and driving three blocks down the road to get a Twinkie is far more in your concern at the moment than saving the planet. The arctic ice is threatening to become open water in an extremely short amount of time. Moreover, NASA climate scientist, Jay Zwally predicted that the Arctic Ocean 'would be nearly-ice-free' by the end of summer 2012. Many of you may believe that we still have until the water is two feet deep to really start worrying about our era coming to an end. We must act now! We ought to drive only when it's absolutely necessary and conserve the use of energy. We could furthermore shop responsibly and purchase materials that can be recycled. You can grow your own food, eat locally, reduce our heating, as well as unplugging any electronics form the wall when they are not in use.

According to Sharon Begley Newsweek July 14, 2008 'Hurricanes have become stronger due to global warming.' The strongest storms are becoming stronger! 'Atmospheric conditions that bring severe thunderstorms. (With hail two-inches across and wind gusts of at least 70 miles and hour) 'Trees climb mountains to escape global warming' says Guardian Co.Uk Thursday 26, 2008. Id say get use to it and don't blame Mother Nature.

The atmosphere has a natural supply of 'greenhouse gasses'. They capture heat and keep the surface of the earth warm enough for us to live in. Without the greenhouse effect, the planet would be an unhabitable frozen wasteland. However people started emitting large amounts of greenhouse gasses. The gases which could stay in the atmosphere for at least 50 years and up to centuries, are building up beyond earth capacity to remove them, and in effect, creating and extra-thick heat blanket around the earth. The temperature is growing more intense. Haven't we noticed the difference? It doesn't snow nearly as much in Colorado as it did a decade ago. Two-hundred million people around the world could be displaced by more intense droughts, sea level rise, and flooding by 2080. In due course the human race could become extinct.

Then again, ladies and gentlemen, like I said, we still have time to really start worrying about our planet. I mean really, we can figure this out right? But for now go on get off our car like the proud American that you are and buy that Twinkie that couldn't wait to be devoured any longer. Plus, nobody else is out there trying to save the planet, just wait until somebody makes a move then think about joining them.

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