Pollution Across the World!

January 23, 2009
By Ryan Crabtree, Lyerly, GA

Do you know about pollution? Do you think it is funny? Well I don't and I definatly don't think you should either. No pollution or littering is funny and I think you should consider what it does to the enviroment and how it could effect you.

There are many types of pollution but one type happens when you just take a short little drive down the road in your car. When you drive your car you have the radio up and the seat relaxed comfortably just to your liking. You think in your mind, "What harm am I doing, I am just driving down the road." The truth is you are wrong you are causing more harm to the enviroment then you can see. As soon as you start your car you notice smoke coming out of the tail pipe. When that smoke comes out and goes up into the air it is making the clea air "dirty" as some people would call it. Even with the smoke you still have to have gas. When you start driving the gas fumes come out of your gas tank. The go into the air and the air above becomes polluted. I do not like to ride in cars because i know how much it pollutes the air. Unlike me though, you might live in town close to where you are going. If it is a nice sunny day i would highly recommend walking or riding a bike because you should enjoy nature and save the enviroment every day that you can to make the world a better place.

Even though you are polluting the world when you are driving, there is another way that you can pollute the earth around you. When you are driving and decide that you are going to get something to eat you would normally stop by a fast food restraunt. There is not a problem while you are eatingbut when you are done, that is when the problems starts. You are about fifteen minutes away from home and you don't want the trash in your car. You stop and think for a minute. You think, "Do I throw my trash out the window or do I just wait and throw it away at home? More and likely most people are going to say to theirselves, "I will just throw it out the window, it can't do that much harm." Wrong, when you throw trash out the window of your car it lands on the Earth's surface. The paper or plastic will sink into the soil over days and it will stay there. When plastic lands on the ground and sinks into the soil it does not descenegrate. When this happens it can be very harmful to the enviroment. So next time you stop by a fast food place think about how much harm you are doing to the earth when you throw that trash out the window, and just wait till you get home to throw away your trash.

Have you ever seen a whale? Have you ever seen a Sea Turtle? If you have then you know how cute they are when they are just swimming through the clear, blue, ocean water. When you litter you are even harming those sweet, and loving animals. When you are walking down the sidewalk and you decide to have a bag of peanuts you usually just tear off a corner and then throw it down. After you do this the wind started to blow and you saw it roll doen the road into a little stream. The stream is flowing towards the ocean and the plastic just moves with the current. It goes into the ocen and a Sea Turtle spots. He swims over eats the plastic, the guess what happens. The Sea Turtle gets choked and dies. You want to know why would he even eat it in the first place. The answer is the Sea Turtle thought that the piece of plastic was a sea jelly, their favorite food. Then you throw a straw down and it goes through the same process but this time a whale does not try to eat it but it gets stuck in thr whale's blowhole. This causes the whale not to be able to getair and eventually die. So you see the simpliest little piece of plastic can cause a change in the world. Next time you want to throw down a piece of plastic thing of the poor, cute little animals you would be putting in danger if you made a innocent but hurtful mistake.

Do you think pollution is funny? Do you think killing poor innocent creatures is right because of your mistake? I don't and if you do you should reconsider the harm and danger it is causing to the world around you every day. Even though you can't see it, pollution is going on around you everyday. Make sure you remember to stay "GREEN" because "GREEN" is the best way to be.

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Courtney said...
on Feb. 23 2009 at 5:24 pm
Very Good! I thought your story was awesome!

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