Kirbe The Carbon: The wonderful life of a carbon cycle

January 6, 2009
By Neil Halista, Orlando, FL

Kirbe the CO2. The C is carbon and the O is oxygen. The 2 at the end of the CO2 means there two oxygen. What what CO2 is which makes carbon dioxide. He lives in the atmosphere.

Kirbe is very busy. When the sun is shining on plants, he goes to work. Plants perform photosynthesis which converts light energy to chemical energy.

The photosynthesis converts Kirbe to carbonhydrates, food for the plants, releasing oxygen in the process. Now now. Kirbe isn't dead. He still at work.

When work is done, Kirbe is released in the atmosphere in serveral ways: Through respiration performed by plants and animals.

Through decay of animals and dead matter. Through combustion of organic materials that produce carbon dioxide like cars.

On the surface of the oceans where water becomes warmer, and volcanic eruptions.

That a lot of ways Kirbe is released in the atmosphere. When time passes, so does Kirbe.

As Kirbe travel back into the atmosphere, he takes a long break. Or does he...

Nope, he continues working because it's a cycle that never stops. For its Kirbe the Carbon.

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