The Enviorment Crisis

December 3, 2008
By Davis Terry BRONZE, Ashland, Wisconsin
Davis Terry BRONZE, Ashland, Wisconsin
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We have many, many environmental problems as Americns. They ware problems we need to fix, now. If we don’t it will only get worse and we, as a nation, can’t afford that. It’s time to stand u,p and get some ideas out there and get working on them. This is a compilation of ideas that I have come up with to get America in better shape.

My first idea would be to get a car that runs on everything, from garbage to water. With it burning everything instead of fossil fuels, it would cut emissions done a lot. The car would have to be easy to afford, though, because it doesn’t help if nobody can afford to buy it. My idea might not be very realistic, but it can’t be too far off in the future and I believe it will come, and when it comes to ideas such as that, the sooner the better.

Another problem we face is not enough of us recycle. We Amaricans need to get out if the habit of throwing everything away. We throw away five pounds of garbage everyday, per person! Fifty percent of this waste is paper! There are 30,000 waste dump sites all America. That’s wrong and it’s creating a legacy we don’t want to be known for. If we recycled, that could all change and we could leave the earth a better place.
I hope you enjoyed reading this paper. I hope it gets you up and reay to help America be a cleaner and better place. There are tons of ideas and wats to get out a the enviroment and these are just a few. It only takes one person to start a revolution.

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