I Can Save the Earth

November 24, 2008
By Haley Walker, Overlad Park, KS

The earth is made up of trillions of people and I stand alone as an individual feeling like my voice can have an impact. Economic issues and global warming are easy to blame on the President or any leader, although everyone has contributed in their own little way. The mind set that one person giving in to wrong tendencies wont make a difference is false. With that comes the problem that not just one person feels that way; many tend to lean towards that theory. It only takes one person to have the feeling of boldness and believe they can make a difference. From doing something like this, a chain reaction builds and that one little person has already done something great. Picking up trash, recycling, less car usage, and saving electricity are everyday routines that we take for granted. If every person could do at least one of those things, call me crazy, but we have already made a huge step in hope for the earth. Right now the plans for help could be considered a stack of blocks, which now we have to find the tools to build onto a block already started by the generations before us, and finish a project, they started.

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