Nintendo Creates Flower to Market for New Game

March 24, 2014
By Rippey_Avenger SILVER, Jefferson, Iowa
Rippey_Avenger SILVER, Jefferson, Iowa
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In recent years Nintendo released a new game called Pikmin. It was recently discovered that they decided on a pretty good promotion. The created the Bacoba Cabana, a hybrid flower. The flower was created to look like the one on the yellow Pikmin’s head. It went up for sale 5 months after the original Pikmin game was released. This is a step into a new area of promotion, creating new life to promote a game.

This could create a new industry for science. If this becomes trend, then there will be booms in types of flowers, and booms in jobs for people and scientists in the horticulture industry. It would help to make more companies look into plants with a new interest. The new species would be helping to make thrusts forward in many types of science, and it will help to create jobs for multiple branches of horticulture and science. It may even open up the eyes of some people to see the beauty in nature once again, it could help expand an interest in new life and maybe old life too.

The other side of the argument is that this abusing the science that we have discovered. We have made the leaps in science necessary to create the Bacoba Cabana for more than making a profit on a game. It was created to make advancements that will help the human race and better the world. If this becomes a trend then there will be more species of flowers around, there surely will be some that grow outside, that will cause more competition for the already existing plants. It could cause more plant species to go extinct. Then the final part of this argument is that it is playing god to create plants simply for your profit. It is giving yourself the ultimate power and could lead to people changing animals and maybe even other people for a profit.

I think that this is a perfectly acceptable thing to do because I believe that it will spawn new interest in people. I think that it may be beneficial to the horticulture industry. I’m sure it would cause a rise in jobs in the industry to rise, and there would more than likely be many more people who would be able to get better jobs doing something they love. I also think it is really cool to be able to create new species, and I think that as long as it doesn’t get out of control than it is a wonderful thing that could help us the prosper into to new places together. I think it would help to spark interest in younger people to look at the flowers and plants differently. It could inspire the young people that are getting to engaged in their video games to come out and look at nature and find that love for the world that is being lost.

The author's comments:
Is Nintendo trying to act as a god? Is a company really creating new life just for profit?

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