Are Mother crys

October 17, 2008
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The world around use let out a sigh. Not the people, but the earth it’s self. It was hoping to get a response out of its in habitués. They were destroying her, cutting down there forest. Polluting her sea’s, along with her air. And the animals were dying as there homes were destroyed. She pined for the days when there was forest were the Indians hunted and used every last bite. When the English farmed her land, and when the wares went on. She and the animals watched in horror as the machines man created got worse and more deadly. Animals fight for land and to defend there family’s. Not for money, not for religion, and not for becoming a hero. The earth is dying, like it or not. She may not be dead when we are still on this earth but what about your children. What true legacy are you leaving?

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