October The Fifth

February 7, 2014
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On the last day, of the first week of October my day was more than grand. I was still feeling the effects of the opening night of the fair coming to town, but I put on my father's flannel that wrapped around me with an ease of relief. The flashy lights were just enough of a visual pleasure to draw me in, to personally convince me to ride every stomach dropping roller coaster. My mind did flips. My head was sleepy but it was better to get up and live life than stay in my nest of a bed and rot my morning. When I turned the power button of my life on, I decided on calling a friend. When I heard the other line say
"hello?" in the same vibrations Clay Greenberg's voice would shake at, We agreed it was best to bring our bodies through the woodlands. We did all the nature-affiliated activities; such as inhaling a deep, slow, breath of raw air. Waiting for the zephyr to pass. To let all negative thoughts out with every exhale. It is the time to put our brains aside to let it explore itself, as if it took a sip of clean river water running down El Yunque for the first time all week. After being imprisoned by the soccer ball kicking boy, cement agony. My brain slows, back into the proper wavelength. The green files into my eyes like a line of soldiers marching to the beat of my heart. As we walked down the "road less traveled we start to sing (Frost). Our songs take us from Jamaica to church in Atlanta. We settled with rhythmically stomping our feet during the early 1800's as we chant about our mishaps. Oh the places our minds will take us with a gateway to imagination.
The day calmly passed at the speed we chose. I forgot to stop and think of all the wonders the world has to give me. I get sad at the thought I am not allowed to be a human and have to be contained in a building constantly getting firmly spoken to for the most illogical reasons; such as not asking permission to urinate, or getting up to stretch my legs and go for a walk instead of staying contained in my small metal desk and write down things that I don't need to have the knowledge of. I thoroughly enjoy every minute of not being in a constructed dwelling. My day was beautiful. I enjoy wasting time outside.

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