Using paper-wasp product in producing super bio-degredable materials

December 31, 2013
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How long will it take scientist and researchers to resolve this on going and repulsive situation concerning the hazard we face in our environment which is as a result of the type of complex and toxic materials we use and their industrial procedures.

As a result of this, I took up a year research concerning possible ways by which our building materials which are currently becoming threats to our environment can be produced biologically formulating an Hypotheses which goes thus;' biologically produced materials might help reduce the percentage of hazard caused by material industries when in production processes, to our environment'. In going forward, I discovered that we can use paper wasp product in producing super biodegradable materials which will not be harmful to the environment. Other than killing. keeping, studying and using their products to produce bio friendly and bio degradable materials an alternative to the environmental polluting materials we use.This made me come up with another Hypothesis;' since the paper wasp do no harm to the environment, using their products in reforming ours might show no threat to us'. Their building, the relative structures and intricacy of the design is something all engineers all over the world admire regarding them as the masters of engineering as a result of the special type of paper they use in producing their nest. After collecting fibres of plans and of dead woods,this insects chews the cellulose rich material, adding a sticky, high protein saliva which when dries turns paste into a water resistant, light, firm, yet tough paper. The properties in this saliva once dried enable the paper nest to generate and absorb heat for a perfect climate control. From a construction point of view, these nest are a design marvel because they are ultra-light weight, flexible, biodegradable and very strong. Interestingly the manufacturing process of the wasp to create paper leaves no pollution. Something that human kind has not solved. We leave behind pollutants in fabricating of paper that contaminate the air, water and land. In our school and universities, researchers, designers ,chemists, architects and the rest, study the construction of this untrained little insects to try to design our building and non building materials that are lightweight, strong, flexible and biodegradable. The aim of this project is to find a more natural way of designing superior materials that have awesome and non polluting features from paper wasp product. Unlike our normal paper producing processes which deals with the cutting of trees useful in the production of oxygen and reduction of excess CO2 in the environment, this biologically produced paper or material will be more bio friendly and degradable to the environment serves as a better way of producing more quality, durable and superior paper or building products.

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