Pollution Levels in China

December 26, 2013
By , West Windsor, NJ
In 2013 China has reached its highest pollution level yet. Air pollution is the cause of hundreds of thousands of deaths each year, and urban air pollution is projected to be the number one killer in China by the year 2015. These dangerous pollution levels have had a big impact on the wildlife, causing many species to become endangered, such as pandas and snow leopards. Because China has a big population, there is so much trash that is created, which usually end up in the ocean, lakes, or rivers.

Most of these pollution levels are caused by emissions from factories. Over the years China has replaced many forests with factories, and these pollution levels have severe consequences, such as lung cancer, asthma, and more. People in southern China have lived, on average, five years longer than their northern counterparts due to the pollution levels. It also affects plants life, because it can contribute to acid rain which can cause crops to die.

Some people have decided to make a change, such as reporting people who pollute, simply throwing away their trash, or to reduce hazardous harsh chemicals in their life. A group in east Asia has created a website called Greenpeace which spreads the knowledge of the pollution, and how they can help solve the problem by changing easy things in their lifestyle. There have been many more organizations showing people how easy it is to help the pollution levels in their life. Coal is another leading factor causing high pollution levels, which can be fixed by getting eco-friendly cars or replant more plants so that their are more wildlife

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