Silent Suffering

November 7, 2013
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What is original?

The land, water, sky but is that all? No this cannot be all who was here first who
has survived without need for change? The animals as we crudely put it but are
we not animals? We are different more evolved so they say, so that gives us the
right to remove the “animals” off the land they have always known. That is not
right on any level why do the people get a voice but not the animals are they
not important enough to consider what will happen to them after something is
done. Though I suppose this has its own category “environmental issues” but what
does that include? This environmental issues they speak of what have they done
to change any of that or is this only a political ploy?

In truth the politicians and the people in charge try to focus on the larger
issues, global warming, oil spills, acid rain, but to make a larger difference
is to start small then work your way up start changing hunting regulations for
example make them tighter so not as many animals are killed. Another way to help
is by cracking down on poaching letting people know that it is not okay to hunt
endangered or even threatened animals especially those that can only survive in
one place. Such animals, the cougar for instance have two subspecies in North
America the western and eastern cougar each with their role to play in the
ecosystem as the top predators but unfortunately the eastern cougar is now
extinct because they were not protected. An American treasure lost to our world
forever, but does not just effect that species but the entire ecosystem because
now the prey is allowed to populate without being checked, the scavengers have
none to eat.

The animals are they not just as evolved as us? This may sound crazy but are we not
the lesser beings? The animals as we so crudely name them without remorse, are
they not more likely to survive and thrive? As humans or homo sapiens are we the
reliant ones we need stone buildings, water and food need to be brought to us,
technology holds fast never relinquishing its hold upon the “modern world” as it
replaces human work. We start to rely on the others around us, those in
authority to make everything right, but the animals they need no such control or
direction for they have a stronger master of instincts. The animals need no one
save their own pack, flock, herd, skein this is self reliance in the highest
form and as humans we need to respect that. We as humans believe that animals
cannot fend for themselves but need our help in truth it is the opposite the
animals would do better if humans did NOT interfere whether it was hunting or
helping. We can help by supporting our national forests through the US Forest Service an agency through the department of agriculture for the management of our national lands. Thuis organization helps to keep things the way they were before man settled near.

Alas the animals have no rights in this fact we are separated from them by thinking
that we are better but we share the same planet and resources. Does this not
mean that they deserve just as much as we do? We say we need more but this leaves so little for the animals and that we can hack away at them and their territory because they are just animals. What is most irking is when people complain about animals coming in to their territory when we intruded first. The animal is only trying to survive and because we drive away every source of food they naturally have they must come into our territory for it. They are considered the pest the threat but we are just as much if not more of a threat to them how can we separate ourselves from them in that we have higher ranking and they are the intruder.

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