November 7, 2013
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In today’s fast growing
economy and a country striving to succeed has caused a dilemma that requires the
undivided attention of all to put a stop to this madness. For
step in the wrong pathway can destroy the beauty of nature. Deforestation is the
dilemma and if nothing is done to prevent this catastrophic event that day by
day increases we will be left with nothing more but the view of an empty forest
that once was full of life but now remains a dessert of unforgiving sadness

America a country striving succeed above all other nations. Diversifying to please the high demands for natural resources. Since the past few years America has grown over 500,000 increment of deforestation in America and it will increase as America grows economically. Since the year 1620 America had vast forest expanding into the horizon by the by the 1850s it had decrease by 20 percent till the late of 1989s more than half of virgin forest were destroyed to supply the world with resources.

If we don’t get involve and pressure the government this tyranny will continue to grow and even it will increase at a faster rate. its our duty and responsibility to take care of our precious resources that provide the oxygen that we breath. but we must also pay attention to the biodiversity in nature. every single forest contains hundred of thousands of biodiversity for the forest is the home many species.

across the US thousands of non profit organizations that dedicate their time to replant trees. one of the many Eco green associations across america is the the Earth First. it dedicates to use propaganda to spread the word of Eco friendly ideas. earth first came to be round the year 1990s were they have no members they welcome all who are willing to save earth.

the last organization is the Natural resources defense council this organization works to protect the wildlife and have a healthier environment with over 1.2 million members and increasing every year is one of the many biggest organizations that have a very powerful influential force over the government many organizations like this one and Earth first dedicate their time to promote a better environment for everyone to live in.

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