November 7, 2013
By megancook98 BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
megancook98 BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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In the early 1800s, when factories started popping up all over the United States, nobody really worried much about pollution. The effects of smoke and debris had not been noticed until centuries later and scientists began connecting air pollution and water pollution to various diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, and diarrhea. Recycling began as a way to reuse more and use less, therefore keeping things from ending up in junkyards and outside on the ground where they contaminate the ground and neary water.

Recycling can be done by sending things to a recycling facility rather than a dump, or by not getting rid of them in the first place. Over the years people have begun to use disposable items such as paper plates and plastic utensils. Unlike such disposable items, ceramic plates and metal utensils can be washed and used again and again, then often recycled when broken. Old clothes and toys are also often thrown away, when they could be donated to those in need or taken apart so that the materials can be used for something else.

Recycling is important because it helps keep the world from continuing its descent into a state of tragic filth and disease. If things are not discarded so carelessly there will be no need to constantly manufacture more, therefore causing more pollution in the world and more sickness. Pollution does not belong to just one country, but spreads over the world. Yes there can be countries in which pollution is particularly concentrated, such as China, but the world can not be on the path to being a good cleaner home if only a few countries work to clean it.
Earth911 is a website and organization that spreads ideas about how to recycle things and what kinds of things you can recycle.You can recycle things to use in projects, decoration, food, health, and entertainment. Find out more at

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