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Its extremely bright, the sunlight makes everything shine with a angelic white
glow that is impossible to look directly at. Though its bright, clear, and hot on this particular day,
even on days where its stormy the beauty of something so wild and free is beautiful. some people
leave, because it intimidates them, but people do that with all beautiful misunderstood things. it
is one of the most powerful forces in nature, it defies conformity and refuses to be tamed in a
world of melancholy blandness. Ever changing with the moon, it will leave you changed forever,
always dreaming of its depth. How could you not; you just looked at one of the last truly wild
and questionable places left on this earth. realize this: misunderstood is beautiful. As your
eyesight develops you see so many people, like thousands of ants in colorful suits and seeking
shelter under umbrellas and lounging on towels. The teenage boys try to impress the girls by
playing frisbee and football in the sand while an old man in dull blue shorts and a old white tshirt
walks by, completely focused on his metal detector. Its the perfect place for children, better
than school. The moment you reach the beach you join a friendship club and help each other
build castles made of simple dreams and innocence. With their colorful shovels and buckets they
sit in small huddles along the shore line, talking business and construction plans, moats and
decorative designs. Some people have kites, beautiful bright ones that spin and dive with the
wind. In the far off distance you can see white sail boats seemingly motionless in the never
ending dark blue water. Seagulls, the most charming and annoying trait of the sea side gather in
large flocks along the sand, not waiting but planning an attack upon the fried dough and pizza,
sandwiches and chips the humans have. The children eventually notice them and charge, causing
a big white cloud of squawking birds to take off to another part of the beach. Many different
people walk along the water, couples young and old, and child and its parent hand in hand,
laughing when the water tickles their feet. And also the lonely ones, who walk the path alone,
winding around as if lost without something they might not even realize they don't have. The
sand changes color the closer you get to the beach going from the most golden yellow to a dull
beige to the grey lumpy color closest to the waves. The ocean itself is stunning. it glitters more
beautifully than any rare jem. Its color is not like the waters you see in the caribbean or
california or anywhere else, it's always stormy and dark, a navy color. When the sand and salt
settles you can only make out vague outlines of white shells resting for a moment at the bottom.
The constant movement is like the beat of your heart, the way the tide comes in and out and the
waves pull and push. When you stand on its sands there is a moment when everything slows
down and you catch your first glimpse of it. You can hear your heart pound with anticipation and
the only other sound is the roar of its waves as it calls to you, and then, within this single
moment, the two collide and the ocean is you and you are a part of it, your heart beating in time
with its fierce wildness. All that happens in less than a second, and the other sounds rush back to
meet you, voices, lots of them. laughter of all ages and people belting out their songs from inside
radios. A small plane is heard flying low above the water with a brightly colored neon banner
promoting some cheap furniture store flying gracefully behind it. Its humm blends in nicely with
loudest and most important sound, the water. Its not exactly a scary sound, not like a boom,
because like i said, it feels like the beating of your heart. You feel a part of it. its like a lullaby,
forgotten to those who don't travel too close. a wild, eccentric, ancient lullaby. The smells there
are simple. Just some food, like pizza, but mostly just clean, warm air, with a hint of saltiness in
the mix. Its not a bad smell, its just… natural. it feels right, filling your nose. The taste of the air
is almost fishy, but not overpowering. I wonder if thats what seaweed tastes like. The heat of the
summer day is oppressive, but your whole body feels cool compared to when you step into the
sand. Its a shock at first, like burning yourself, but as you run along it feels more like hot rocks,
or some other type of soothing relaxation technique. your muscles relax and now you charge into
the water. Its very cold, frigid really. However the feeling of those waves hitting you and rolling
around you doesn't compare with anything else in the world. its beautiful. Your body rolls with
the waves and it carries you, in its endless movement. You could gaze into the distance forever
and never find the end, and so, really, it is forever. You look at that last wild place, and you see
forever. however, forever is a secret. only those who can gaze into what others see as nothing
can really see it. But, my god, its worth it. I hope you all get to see it one day, get to find forever.

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