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July 15, 2013
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I never was a natural lover of the Earth admiring her and all her beauty. For fact, in my earlier days I took some odd sense of pleasure in torturing the pet cat with a spray bottle. I didn’t mind producing the devious act of dropping paper onto the ground( however the conscious of being caught always lingered). I had my days of course, when I participated in the environmentalist acts of savoring the Earth. One specific occasion that remains bright in my memory, was that when I was a young(er) lad.
Attempts at the Family Flower Garden was failing miserably. Perhaps our family lacked the motivational value of caring and slash or watering the plants when needed. Whatever the reason in the black patch of soil located North of the house, not a stem of a plant has sprouted.
The family was in despair.
So I took it upon myself to gather a flower that grew naturally in the yard, and carefully planted it with the intention of saying that a flower has sprouted! However when my dad immediately saw the flower minutes after my illegal uprooting and fraud planting of a flower; his joyous faced glowed as he was about to announce the family, when I broke the news.
It was I who planted the flower there. It was I.
Actual witnesses saw me having dumped ice creams on peoples yards, having dropped gum wrappers on the concrete “accidently”. But the reason for the rather straightforward carefree attitude toward a healthy environment is because I believe there are other important issues to be concerned. That and the majority of the pollution and water waste is not the average American peoples fault.
Anyone who has attended a k-5 elementary school and or or owns a TV, knows that there are multiple ways young lads like us can greatly help the environment and reduce pollution and waste. I seen plastic bags that can advertently help reduce waste by packing more garbage in their garbage bags. Teachers told us and mothers warned us, to take shorter showers, turn off the faucet when brushing our teeth and to reduce, reuse, recycle. However I find these tactics useless unless all students, better all Americans, were to do these acts in preventing pollution and waste. I doubt all are doing that, and even if we did take these lessons into action, our parts would only be a pitch into solving the problem. For the source of pollution is not the acts of the Average Joe, it is the act of industrialization.
Corporate Empires and manufacturing are all main sources of pollution. If one has ever passed a factory, then one has seen the smoke coming out of the top like a kettle’s vapor. It was not America directly that polluted the oceans with oil, a major gas station was responsible for that. The multiple manufacturers who let their factories release such toxins in the air is no way beneficial.
The point I am conveying is that though the average American does contribute their daily does of environmental warfare, the main sources of such pollution is the manufactures of our daily objects.
Perhaps those really going green can stop buying products from main contributors all together. But in decade 21, that does seem a bit drastic.

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