July 2, 2013
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"I think I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree
...poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree."
- Joyce Kilmer

These are one of the few lines written at the beginning of our GREEN PASSPORT.

Green passports, as the word suggests is a passport that lets you into the forest areas that are otherwise restricted. These passports were issued as an extension programme, part of nature education programmes conducted by Periyar Foundation. They were issued to the members of Forestry Clubs, actively participating in nature conservation activities. And I am proud to say that our school is the second school in the whole of Kerala to receive this great honor.

Apart from the awesome benefit it is giving, it is an extremely informative book with 38 pages of printed 'nature facts'. To nature lovers this book provides a great deal of facts that invokes curiosity in them.

The Forestry Club members of our region are children, who are nature lovers , who wants to conserve the rich natural biodiversity of this planet and work hard to achieve their aim. They are students who learn things, put them into practices and gains their results.

Some of the students from our school were taken for a three day nature camp in Periyar Tiger Reserve, where they got their once in a life time opportunity to be in the wild and enjoy her beauty. Students are often taken for plastic cleaning campaigns and seminars to make them aware and more close to Mother Nature.

The officers and staff take good care to develop green citizens for future.

These nature awareness activities make the young minds realize the fact that Sir Francis Bacon told:
" If we do violence to the nature, it will do greater violence to us.
There is only one way to command Nature and that is to obey it."

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