May 17, 2013
By Anonymous

Go to school on Monday and do your best; Come home and tell me about it; Go to school on Tuesday and try your best again; If you find you aren’t as motivated as Monday, shame on you; surround yourself with the people of my choice; revise your work ethic at the end of every day; When checking over your grades, be sure there’s nothing but A’s on there, so that way you will have an education; Hold new acquaintances in the back of your mind before you jump in too fast; Is it true that you sing American Jesus in practice too ?; Always consult me before you eat anything, we don’t want you getting fat now; On weekends try to keep to yourself so they don’t see the hideous personality you have; Don’t sing American Jesus at practice; you mustn't stop for a drink, not even if you are quenched; Don’t drag your feet on the streets, you will trip over a crack and break something; But I don’t sing American Jesus in practice at all and never in my own home; This is how you work hard; This is how to apply your hard work; This is how to separate yourself from the other athletes to become the superstar you are so bent on becoming; This is how to exercise when you get home so you don't become fat and lose the muscle; This is how to be thankful for all the things I have to do for you; This is how to be thankful for all the things I have to do for you; I told you not to eat that; You best be far from the house when you do; Your mother and I don’t need no chubbers around here; When you are doing box jumps, remember all you have put into it; And when you feel like a failure, remember you aren’t as good as the last two I raised; This is how you wow me; This is how you wow your coach; This is how to wow recruits; Dad, slow down, what if I’m not sure what I want?; This is how you learn to shut up; This is how you learn to listen to me; This is how you are supposed to be better-but you are nothing compared to them; This is how you get off the ground; This how you explain to your mother-or not at all; This is how you carry on; This is how to go to school on monday and not say a word; And maybe this way nobody will recognize the horror of a person I see in you becoming; Maybe this way you still have one chance left to become the superstar you dream of becoming; Don’t cry for attention- nobody cares; Don’t pick a fight with me- you might regret that decision; Don’t throw stones at my bones- I don’t break; This is how to jump higher; This is how to improve your vertical; This is how to move your feet; This is how to have a short memory to get over whatever you are dealing with; This is how to have a short memory to become the athlete you want to be before everybody else catches up to you; This is how to shut your mouth; This is how to understand you deserved everything you are getting; This is how to bully; This is how I bully you; This is how to get over it, and if you can’t then I am giving up on you; This is how to cut someone’s eyeball out, then give the knife to someone else to cover it up; This is how to complete the life I have been trying to give you only out of the good will of my heart; This is how my daughter should become; But nothing well is becoming of you, perhaps because you are the only girl, and not capable of what your siblings were; Though I do not give up on you, mainly because I enjoy your pain; But I am a good man, I swear; And over time, I believe these practices will come; I know, my family of branches made of stone, Leaves made of gold, and apples made of champions, I can make you good; My apples never fail; But what if the apple is rotten?; Get up; Don’t you dare ever spit those words at me ever again; You mean to say, after all this you are really going to be the kind of apple that is rotten?

The author's comments:
As an athlete what inspired me was all the stress and work it goes in to being an athlete and I think this peice represents somewhat what it's like for a female athlete.

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