Green Energy Inventions

May 10, 2013
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There are many problems facing our planet; one major problem is Climate Change, including Global Warming. We need to start generating cleaner energy, and fast. I have ideas for three inventions that could generate clean energy: a bicycle generator, a multi-purpose steam generator, and a special plane with solar panels. Each of these inventions would help generate green energy.

The first green energy invention is a bicycle generator. It would attach to the pedals, and it would have a slot to charge batteries or electronic devices. It would generate clean energy; it would not slow the bike down too much. It could also be put on an exercise bike, so energy could be generated while getting exercise.

Another green energy invention would be a generator that runs on heat. It would be steam based, like in power plants. It could be put on or in many objects that give off excess heat, such as fireplaces or refrigerators. It could also be put into engines to prevent overheating. Another way it could be used is by focusing the sun's rays onto it, generating a lot of heat.

A third invention would be a special plane covered in solar panels. It would be designed to travel at the speed of Earth’s rotation and chase the day. Since it would always be in daylight, it would generate a lot of electricity, so it could drop charged batteries.

We need to generate cleaner energy to help our planet, and these three inventions could help in many ways. In addition, we already have this technology today. These inventions are within our grasp, so we should start making them today.

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