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The Morning

April 29, 2013
By AbbaDabbaDoo PLATINUM, Mountain Grove, Missouri
AbbaDabbaDoo PLATINUM, Mountain Grove, Missouri
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When I wake up before the rest,
I see the grey of morning,
I hear the sweet, seductive jests,
Of birds telling early jests.

And a fiery orb of shinning gold,
Lolls slowly, lazily across the sky,
Shooting colors of pink so bold,
And looking at us with unseen eye.

Dew sparkles on the grassy ground,
And shimmers rightly from every tree,
While the earthly wind abounds,
Other places so as to save morn for me.

But then wakes up the rest of them,
And a train blows its mighty horn,
Ugly lights are turned on so then,
I know it is we who ruin the morn.

The author's comments:
I usually get up before my family, and I love to sit at the table and look outside. Sometimes I'm allowed to go outside that early, (a rare but worth-it feat,) and am awed by the beauty of it. However, it is true: my family wakes up and turns on those hideous bulbs of light and the train comes thundering across its track, fairly close to our house. Humans ruin their home. Why would they do that with all this beauty at home?

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