Saving the Environment

March 21, 2013
Why is there so much waste everywhere n the earth? The water, air, and grasses are so overfilled with disposable trash and leftovers from other products that they are affecting our environment. We are endangering our environment with our pollution.

Factories, power lines, mining, and other industries cause air pollution. Our very air to harm us, intoxicate and/or kill us. Ways to stop air pollution are to walk instead of drive, eat fruit that have been grown locally, stop using so much electricity, and stop smoking.

Water pollution happens when people dump their trash or waste in the waters instead of finding a proper trashcan or recycling bin. The way they pollute the water, kills the fish that live in the waters. Aquatic creatures come in contact with the foreign objects and consume them to be poisoned, or get stuck in them. Ways to stop water pollution are to avoid plastic, help clean the waters, put up and use recycling bins, use chemicals that help the waters become cleaner, and prevent factory oils from being spilled into the waters.

Land pollution occurs when people litter. They throw their lunch or snacks or other objects everywhere they go, including mountains, forests, and parks. They kill the grass and the trees wither. This reduces the oxygen plants release to us, giving us less air to breathe and slowly exposing ourselves to disease or death. Ways to stop this are to stop spreading smoke, recycle, take care of all plants and animals, and be aware of waste, so our environment can be green and safe.

Everyone should care, see how everything they do affects the environment, and see if they can to help support the environment.

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