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environmental isues

With the increasing of the world population, pollution and shortage of energy are getting more sever and it is becoming harder and harder to afford solution for those environmental issues. At the same time, these issues are growing in the public eye. We have been thinking about what we have done wrong to the earth and about what could change the current situation and save our planet.

Our planet is going through the hardest time ever during these years. Many environmental issues are affecting the earth. Shortage of the energy is one of the main problems. Energy is important to human life and to the balance of the earth’s environment. People in the world are using large amounts of the energy and resources such as water, coal, oil, hydrogen and solar energy. Some resources are reproducible? but some cannot be reproduced by nature itself. Day by day, the energy and resources are depleted and we are now facing the shortage of the energy and resources, while the population in the world keeps increasing. Human beings now have to find ways to explore for new energy, reduce using the no reproducible energy, and increase public awareness of saving energy.

What we can do about exploring for new energy is already known. We already know of new energies that we could use instead of old energies. For example, solar, wind, nuclear, and tide energy. Those new energies are known, but we don’t have a practical way to use it and it is very expensive. We need to explore what we can do about using these energies not merely of finding new energies. Finding a way to use and afford energy is better than seeking other energies.

To sum up, we need more ways to use existing new energies rather than using the old no reproducible energies. If we solve the shortage of energy in the world, the earth is going to be better and easier to afford for its large population, and the earth could have longer life now.

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