Hydro Power is the Future of Clean Energy

February 7, 2013
By Jarod Froess BRONZE, Wattsburg, Pennsylvania
Jarod Froess BRONZE, Wattsburg, Pennsylvania
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Hydro power is the future of clean energy. Hydro power plants use reservoirs for storage, they produce clean energy, and they make large amounts of electricity. Hydro power plants have holding areas called reservoirs, which is where they keep water to reuse for demand, which is constantly rising and falling, like at night there would be less demand for electricity so they would pump the water back up into the reservoirs. If the demand goes up and the electricity being produced isn’t enough, they can change how much water is going in from a reservoir or just from the river. Reservoirs are very important to a hydro plant because they can get the facility going fast, like at night when it’s producing low amounts of electricity and there is a sudden demand in electricity, the plant can just start letting water into the turbines to produce the needed electricity. Clean energy is becoming more popular because people are realizing that pollution is bad so they are turning to clean and renewable energy, which hydro power makes extremely low pollution, if that, unlike nuclear power; they don’t release nuclear waste and don’t require dangerous items (such as uranium). There is basically no waste produced by these, except for construction, there is no CO2/greenhouse gases released so cities will have better air quality and less smog/smoke. Since burning fossil fuels produces a large amount of pollution which then goes into the atmosphere which then causes global warming and heats the polar ice caps causing them to melt but investing and building hydro plants will prevent that from happening, which will end up saving the polar caps and polar life. These plants can create up to hundreds of gigawatts and supply electricity for thousands of people. Hydro power accounts for 24 percent of the world’s renewable energy and supplies over one billion people! Even some of these plants can produce over double what a nuclear power station produces! However there are a few disadvantages as well like ecosystem damage and they are the largest man-made disasters if one fails. Even with slight bits of failure hydro power is the best option for clean energy.

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Hydro Power

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