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December 14, 2012
Purchasing organic, locally grown foods is a great way to help with the environmental problems that agriculture contributes too. Pesticides are a source of many of the major environmental concerns that have been brought to question lately. As pesticides are not used in the production of organic foods, supporting organic foods helps reduce the problems created by that industry. Greenhouse gas emissions have become a major source of discussion in recent years, and everyone needs to make an effort to decrease their carbon footprint. One simple way is supporting the local farmers.

Pesticides are at the root of many environmental problems including water contamination, pollution, destruction of wildlife, air pollution, and damage to the surrounding ecosystems. When the planes fly over the crops to spray the pesticides onto the plants, a large portion of the pesticides evaporate. When the pesticides evaporate, they are introduced into the water cycle which will lead water and air pollution. Along with that, another sizeable portion of the pesticides is runoff meaning it ends up in the nearby bodies of water. Once the pesticides reach that point, the fish die off causing the habitat’s food chain to decompose rapidly. As the water cycle moves the pesticides out of that specific area, the damage is extremely difficult to reverse, and many of the species will not recover.

Apart from pesticides, the emissions of greenhouse gases are another major reason to purchase local and organic food. The further the food is transported, the more fossil fuels were burned in the process.

As everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment, everyone should begin to support their local organic farmers.

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