Do we really have environmental issues?

December 13, 2012
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Nowadays, there are many people that believe recycling is important and that we should worry more about the planet that we are living on. We should be good stewards of the world that God has given us, but there really is nothing huge that we can do to save our planet. We could potentially have a huge impact on the world, but if there was something huge that we could do to impact the world, why have we not already done it?
Unless there is some kind of study going on that could completely revamp the world of science, there is nothing more that we can do to save the planet. When living on the earth, polluting it just comes with the fact of living on it. Humans have been "polluting" the world since the beginning of the earth. How are we to stop global warming? If we can really affect the world so significantly as scientists say we can, than why haven't we? Besides reuses bottles and saving gas, what have we done to really help our planet. There is a huge potential for mankind to help the earth and its resources, but I just do not see it happening.

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