November 10, 2012

“If one person was completely sustainable, he wouldn’t make an impact but if all people were 10% more sustainable then we could change the earth.” This quote reflects the results of sustainability. There are many different ways to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. Some examples are by buying solar panels, purchasing local food, and installing CFL light bulbs. If all seven billion people on our planet were to participate in these actions the outcome would be a healthy planet for our future generations.

Solar panels have become a fundamental part of energy usage today. They provide free and eco-friendly electricity to the consumer who buys and sets up the panels. Additionally, the extra electricity created that isn’t used can be bought by an electricity company near the consumer household. In a year and a halves time a person can save $150,000 worth of electricity bills by using solar energy. This would result in the prevention of eight tons of carbon that would normally enter the atmosphere. Another worthy way to help the environment is by buying locally.

One of the boundless ways to be sustainable is by being aware of what you eat. The major production of corn and other grains is affecting the land and the food we eat. Large agricultural companies mass produce one grain, such as corn, that consume a vast quantity of electricity, water, and land. The mass use of pesticides on crops can damage the arable land and erode the top soil. One solution is to buy locally and go to a farmers market or a local produce/meat store. Another way to help is by buying meat from groups like Future Farmers of America, 4H Clubs, and a local ranch. These

groups raise their cattle with grass and no steroids or other enhancers. While this is a great way to be more sustainable, another approach is by adding CFL light bulbs.

CFL light bulbs can be found at many hardware stores, when they are in supply. CFL light bulbs are a kind of light bulb that has revolutionized the use of electricity. These light bulbs can last between six thousand and fifteen thousand hours which would be from 250 – 616 days if the lights were on all the time. These light bulbs have cut the energy usage of the old light bulbs by 75%. Each light bulb also gets rid of the 50-125 kg of CO2 that enters the atmosphere per year with the old light bulbs. This is just another one of the ways to become more sustainable.

Sustainability is where we keep enough for ourselves while saving resources for future generations. We, as a global community, cannot change our past but we are able to change our future and the future of our children. If all consumers strive to be 10% more sustainable we will be well on our way to creating a sustainable world and a sustainable future.

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