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November 5, 2012
By VonTeezeBriaa BRONZE, Bakersfield, California
VonTeezeBriaa BRONZE, Bakersfield, California
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We all have that one thing that is very valuable to us whether its in our hearts ,or in our souls and even our hearts there is always something that has so much importance in our lives ,but isn't it true that when we have something with so much importance to us we take care of that the most we can right? Well I'm sure that we all take care of what we love and that’s what I think that everyone should think when it comes to our own mother nature the environment has been threatened with so much destruction ,trees being cut down to make more paper or even all the contamination in the air that not only harms our lungs but it also kills us little by little . When it comes to all the environment being harmed its not really heard or even taken into all seriousness but It is serious! If we want future generations to see mother natures beauty we need to conserve it and let its beauty shine for what it is there are also so much more alternatives to what there were years ago science has come along way to finding new solutions to save energy and even finding a new way to keep the planet to its full beauty like for example instead of using paper towels why don't we just let our hands air dry? Wouldn't that be a greener solution? Or even re-use paper? That would not only be a better solution but it would also save us a lot more money because we are using the resources that we have to there full potential or maybe take your bike to work or to school that would not only save the planet but that would also save you gas which means more money in your pocket but it also means that it can help you exercise to help you get into shape or even recycle cans or paper that can even help you get some extra dollars for a few things here and there ,I have seen that in my town there are many recycling centers around town to improve the planet , we are all put on this earth for a reason don't you think that we should take care of it the most we can for future generations? I think we should and I’m pretty sure you think the same ,and you don't have to do so much little by little we can conserve the planets beauty if we all work together as a community ,for example in my town there are seminars about how to save energy or how to use the energy more wisely like unplugging chargers when your not using them or appliances that use allot of energy when your not even using them not only will you save money on your next energy bill but you will also help the planet last for a longer time . There are so many ways now to help the planet like I can spend hours maybe even days telling you all the ways that there are but what good is it to tell you all the ways there are to save the planet if we don't do our part to save the planet little by little .Unfortunately one person can't do it alone it takes the whole world to do there little grain of sand and help mother nature keep her beauty .

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