They Cry Too

August 8, 2012
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Montagu once said, "To be human is to weep." I disagree.

People assume that since we can't be sure that they do, animals don't have emotions. I disagree.

Have you ever seen a creature simply give up on life? Finally decide that it's not worth the fight to live everyday? The way their shoulders slump and the special sparkle fades from their eyes that used to be so joyful?

Have you ever witnessed the glossed over look on pet or human alike when they know it's the end? The gestures of desire to live and stay with those they love but not being able to? The emotional last seconds of their time? What about the look of terror then peace that you can be seen right after that?

Do you know the affection that pets can show by the simple quirks in their behavior when they're with the people that they care about? The slightest bat of their paw against your cheek, that says so much without words; do you know it? Have you had the chance to experience the feeling of being the lucky person who is cared about by another species?

If you do then surely you would agree that even beings that aren't us, think like us, react like us, love like us and have the same emotions we do, even if they show them differently. But even though it's so uncommon to see, trust me on this, they cry too.

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