~ NATURE : What You Make It ~

June 28, 2012
I walk on the beach by shore house with a towel wrapped around me. I smell the salty air that leaves a sensational taste on my tongue and makes my hair dance as the sun shines magnificently above me. The water is lucid and warm around my ankles. I take everything in as i close my eyes. Sounds of the peaceful waves coming out to shore fill my ears and make me forget my surroundings. I relax as my spirit binds with nature making us one. It finally feels like summer.

Many people do not understand how nature influences their soul. There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than nature. It sickens me that teens and adults today do not see nature for what it truly is. Instead they take it for granted, litter, and destroy it leaving behind a disaster. Statistics say that nature will destroy us before we destroy nature; however, everyday that statement becomes closer to becoming false. If we continue to head in the same direction we are bound to destroy nature first. Are you proud?

Fortunately some people continue to be inspired by nature. It is extremely important that we pass this on further to our children so they can see and understand their beauty. Nature is meant to be cherished and respected. If we do not do so then the entire world would be a huge waste dump. Do you want your children to live in filth? Of course not.

Furthermore, nature is the beauty of life. Instead of sitting on your computer and wasting time playing video games go outside and play. Enjoy nature and your friends. Someday everything you have will be gone and you need to live your life now. It is important that you do not take your life for granted.

In conclusion, most teens and adults today take nature for granted. It is important that you take care of nature and enjoy it because someday it will not be there. Our time on earth is getting shorter every day so make each one count. Most importantly remember that nature is what you make it.

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