May 31, 2012
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Today, there is a main question to what is happening to our environment, why? People often wonder why our environment is going down the drain and so do I. Carelessness has caused most of it. We just throw trash on the street and simply say “its one little thing what could it do?” But, eventually that “little thing” grows up into thousands of tons of trash. Trash isn’t the only problem in our unhealthy ecosystem. People don’t turn off lights and waste electricity as if it were unlimited. People work tirelessly to ensure we get electricity and running water and then we just throw it aside. That kind of disdainful action dramatically pulverizes our nation’s environment, not to mention the cost. Most animals have been endangered and even extinct because of what we have done and it is not getting any better. We deplete the animals in the area and the natural resources we desperately need. Our government should advise us very carefully to save, save, save. All of us need to pitch in to make a stand for the equality of the environment.

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