Earth: How to save it

May 30, 2012
By smine31313 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
smine31313 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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What is environment? To me, it is simply the planet of Earth and all that is contained inside of it, of which we must take care. Over the past two hundred years, our planet has been put under loads of stress dealing with the environment. Starting with the Industrial Revolution, trillions of tons of pollution have been emitted into the atmosphere, harming the organisms that help make this planet thrive. This pollution is evident and visible in areas such as China and Los Angeles. There, you can see the pollution just by looking up. Those clouds are just big clusters of pollution that the atmosphere has taken in from the burning of gasoline, coal, and other fossil fuels.

Now, I’m not a big environment guy. I don’t go around the cities holding up signs and preaching to the people walking by, telling them that they are wrong and must never use electricity or cars again. I know that we must preserve our planet for the next generation, and that the next generation must preserve it for the generations after that. This planet will be destroyed if we do not act on what has already been done.

One way we can solve this massive problem is to make manifest different kinds of alternative energy sources. If we set up more wind turbines, hydroelectric power plants, and solar energy panels, we can come one step closer to becoming a completely green planet. We can set up fields of solar panels in areas of the Earth where the sun hits most directly, maximizing energy created. Another great idea is to set aside government land where the wind blows steadily and set up wind turbines. Millions of Americans can help out with this problem if solar panels were sold commercially for a lower price. By working together, we can take the excess energy from the homes of Americans and bring them to plants and storage areas out of which energy can be sent to other homes. These different methods of obtaining energy from nature and Earth’s natural environment can make massive impact on the way we use resources and can create a healthier, greener planet.

It’s your turn to try to influence the way we live and save Earth before it is too late. Start recycling, reuse old materials, and do your own research on how you can make a difference. Make your next move wisely. The future may be in your hands.

The author's comments:
We are required in school to write for an essay contest once a semester, and this one interested me. I hope to inform people about ways to save our planet and what I hope for in the future.

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