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May 25, 2012
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Once in a lifetime, you might be the person to hear these words: “Mom I want a puppy.” The mom usually says no, and the family leaves. Sadly, sometimes no one sees the puppy. No one notices how he grows up alone. How he goes and bites someone because of his non relationship with humans. Then, how they put him down. Yet, this happens many times a year. Let’s explore this topic.

One of the things that can make people appreciate these animals is the information on how complex they actually are. For example, a dog’s nose. A dog nose’s can sense different layers of smell. That’ is why they don’t get disgusted, if you put their face in a garbage can. Their nose is used as they’re main source of recognition. For example, when they see someone they didn’t expect, they sometimes sniff the air, to notice. They trust the’ir noses more than visual cues.

Another thing is their eyes. Contrary to popular believe, they aren’t color blind. They actually see more like dark bluish gray colors. Their accuracy with their eyes is unfortunately poor. They can’t distinguish red, orange, or green. They also usually rely on their eyes in low light situations. It’s really interesting. Sadly, their eyes can also get infected.

With communication there is a lot of information. So let’s just stick with the sounds. Growling in dogs could mean a number of things. For example, it could mean a desire to play. It could also mean aggression. Aggression usually happens when they go from a low pitch gets higher and higher. Beware! When this happens back away, they only do this if their threat is serious. This is a sign of attack.

Though they are animals, they can still be great companions. For example, once I was walking my dog Cody. We were walking down a back road that was behind my house. While we were walking, I noticed there was some sort of animal near us. I didn’t know if it had rabies or something like that. I was too scared to move. That was when my dog Cody got into an attack position, started growling, and put his back towards me. The animal started hissing, so I thought there was going to be some sort of fight. I tightened his leash and kept going up to my friend’s house. He struggled, but when he realized we were leaving, he calmed down. I appreciate how he put his back toward me to protect me from the animal.

What I just told you might scare you, surprise, or you just might not care. Either way, with this information, I want you to be the one to decide if you want to appreciate dogs or not. Whatever you choose, remember if Jehovah God helps us, why can’t we help other creatures? I leave you with this........ Appreciate.

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