Wind Power is Brilliant

May 24, 2012
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Would it not be a great feeling if when you turn on your lights you know you are getting
that power for free? It is possible, with wind power! Wind power is becoming more and more
common throughout the world and is getting more affordable as well. Wind power should be
supported by everybody, there is nothing to lose when using wind power. We should all support
wind power because being without power causes poverty, wind is free and can even make you
money, and wind power is clean energy. Everybody should use windpower.

First of all, being without power causes poverty. Without power people cannot work,
their country cannot provide jobs making products or engaging in world trade because they all
require power. No power also makes education very hard and sometimes impossible. There
could be no light for children to see, it could be hard for them to even get to the place where
their education is, and technology could not be used. Without an education, people will never
succeed. Lastly, using up natural resources will eventually cause poverty as well. Though the
country may be successful at first, those resources will eventually run out and their land will be
considered worthless because there is now no power. Wind power can prevent all these problems
of poverty.

Also, wind power is free and can even make money! Though buying a machine that
generates electricity through wind can be expensive, you will get your money back. Wind farms
also can attract tourism. Tourism is a great way for an area to make money. Tourist have to
spend money everywhere, not just at the wind farm. Tourism of wind farms is a great way for a
city to better its economy. Wind power could also make money by selling its extra power.
Dams cell their electricity to surrounding cities. Why can’t wind power generators do the same?

Finally, wind power is clean. The world is becoming ruined with our factories, gas
burning cars, and nuclear radiation. There is no sort of fuel or energy required to run a wind
generator. It is all in the wind! Wind power is considered a renewable resource. As long as the
sun is making warm air on the earth, there will always be wind, and you cannot use up all the
wind. Wind power is also clean because its generating of power releases no fumes and toxins in
the air. It is all clean energy.

Wind power is a brilliant idea that has been growing and becoming more common. It has
became more affordable and efficient. It should be supported by everybody, especially ones who
would like to have the great feeling of knowing their energy is free. We should all support wind
power because being without power causes poverty, wind power is free and can even make
money, and it is clean. What is there to lose when using wind power?

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