Giving Back to What Created Us

May 23, 2012
By surfergirl157 BRONZE, Fairhope, Alabama
surfergirl157 BRONZE, Fairhope, Alabama
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Planet earth is the only place ever known with the ability to sustain life, and for good reason. Life is precious, delicate, requiring the perfect habitat in which it has a chance to survive. Even in the perfect habitat, life still must fight for survival or parish within itself. That being said, one would tend to think the life earth sustains would be careful with what supports its existence. Sadly, this might have been true at one time, but it is true no longer within the modern world we live in today.

It is hard to imagine a time when humans where not even barely into their first years of existence. At that time, the world gave sustenance to the life that lived within it, and life gave back. Balance was achieved within life and life bearing earth. Nothing was taken without something replacing it in return. Unfortunately, as humans slowly have evolved from those premature times, what was to be returned in the balance slowly dwindled down until rarely it is seen that humans have taken precious time out of their day to take care of what supports them. Us and us alone, as the human race, are responsible for the destruction of what we call home.

It is hard for us as humans to not take what we want, even when it is not ours to take. At one time, it was possible to restrain our greed and survive peacefully. No longer is this the case. Greed has infected the minds of every person, every man and women, until we take and steal and plunder, even without realizing it. What we depend on will eventually cease to exist if we keep up with our destructive ways.

The only way we may have a chance of saving our home is to come to the realization that this world we live on, we do not own. It is not something that can be possessed, or owned, or sold. We may think this is so, but that in itself is the human flaw. We think we can have whatever we want, but some things simply cannot be possessed.

The author's comments:
the world means so much to me, so when i had to write an essay for any essay contest i wanted, this one stood out. hope you like!

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