May 23, 2012
By Makenna BRONZE, Logan, Ohio
Makenna BRONZE, Logan, Ohio
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Recycling is a great way to help our planet! People need to help participate in recycling more to make this world a better place for animals and people to live. Recycling helps save trees, save money, and save the planet! It can help the world be a healthier and easier place to live.
Recycling saves trees! When you recycle you reuse papers that have already been made once, which reduces the need to cut down more trees to make more paper products. Using reused paper is just as effective and works just as well as cutting down trees to make new paper. This also keeps the tree population up. Recently, there has been some worry that people cut down too many trees in too big of areas and are cutting them down faster than we can plant them again. Soon there won’t be any trees left at all! And also, when people cut down a large amount of trees in large areas, builders take up the opportunity to use up that empty space to build. That makes it impossible to replant in that area, and creates less and less places for trees to grow all together. One other thing that recycling benefits are animals! Animals have habitats in the trees and forests that people cut down to make new paper products. Cutting them down destroys the habitats and kills the animal population that lives there. Recycling will help the animals have long term homes in forested areas and encourages species to live, not die.
Recycling saves money! It costs a lot of money to create new paper products out of trees! You have to pay for the equipment, such as bulldozers and chainsaws, to cut down trees, pay the people that do the job, and you have to pay the factory that is turning your trees into paper. That can become very costly when you cut down acres of trees a day. When you recycle, it costs a lot less because you don’t have all those factors to pay for. Also, recycling saves money by the reduction in waste. With a reduction in waste, garbage trucks don’t have such a big job to do which saves money in gas and the pay for the worker who drives the truck. Recycling can save money for people buying the paper products and the people making them, making a better economy for america.
If everyone recycles we would have the ability to save the planet! Encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to recycle because it benefits everyone and it’s worth the time and effort of you and the ones close to you. Help make the planet a cleaner and better place to live and RECYCLE!

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