The Rain Forests MAG

By Anonymous

   I'd like to share some thoughts on the rain forest with you since they "melt my heart," and give me evidence of my own soul.

Rain forests contain 45 percent of all the world's flowering plants, 30 percent of all birds, 90 percent of all primates, and at least 30 million species of insects. These may be just statistics, but compare that to the fact the rain forests take only 6 percent of the earth's space. At the turn of the century, this number was more than doubled at 14 percent. Presently, each year an area of rain forest the size of Italy is destroyed with no chance of regrowth. Once they've been destroyed, they basically become desert, only fertile for a few years, and then more is destroyed.

By Earth Day, a year and a half ago, 62 percent of our rain forests were destroyed. All stats, and no reasons for saving them...Wrong! We, as Americans obtain 50 percent of our medicine from the rain forests, the world gets 25 percent from them. We let out an immense amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and we change weather patterns everywhere. We chase 17 species of animals into extinction each hour.

We can't stand aside and watch, which is the easiest thing to do. What can we do? 1) write letters to congressmen, the world bank, and anyone connected with the destruction, 2) start boycotts, 3) tell your friends about what is happening, and 4) (the one we have to concentrate on the most) educate. This isn't a one-way deal: read up on the rain forests, then try to educate others. Send for information and contribute to each fund set up for conservation. There are hundreds of organizations set up to give you information. Pick up a pen and paper and write.

Remember, by the end of next summer, 500 million acres of rain forests will be destroyed, the size in area of England, Wales, and Scotland will be destroyed. And by the time you finish watching a half hour of news, 3,000 acres of rain forest will be desert. If this doesn't stop, if you don't write letters, they will be gone by 2050, probably before you die!

Destruction is causing a domino effect. As one specie becomes extinct, it drives another into extinction until it reaches us humans n

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i love this so much!


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