Water Pollution

May 18, 2012
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Pollution of the oceans is becoming a surreal problem and needs to be addressed and stop pollution as far back as Roman Times. Water pollution has bed by applying laws. There has been evidence of this kind of pollution proved to be mainly man made such as factory refuse and so on. This type of pollution needs to be stopped immediately because this is causing some species to die out. It is also ruining the habitats of other species and causing them to relocate. Not only these two things, but also pollution of the oceans is dirtying our waters and ruining valuable thing to some people.

With population growing around certain tropical hotspots for tourists, the ocean is in even more danger. Not only are animals endangered but the coral and seabed are in danger. In the UK, a quarter of the seabed is ruined by humans trawling and other industrial activities. Little action has been made in order to prevent these things. Also in the UK, only 2% of the ocean waters are being protected which leaves the other 98% open and free for people to do what they want to them which needs to be changed right away. Another man-made pollution to the ocean is littering. There was a marine debris survey in Australia and to do this they picked up and counted the trash and debris that was located on the beach. There on a 8km. stretch they collected a whopping number of 7560 items that could easily float into the waters and pollute them even more. More actions need to be taken to clean our waters and more laws need to be applied to stop this horrible thing.

A main problem and factor of Ocean pollution is factory pollution. Many factories waste is dumped into our waters killing thousands of marine life. The BP oil spill that took place in 2010, affected over 16,00 miles of coastlines destroying and killing beautiful coral reefs and rare marine lives. The lucky animals of this accident were okay but others not so much. Over 1,000 marine animals were reported dead and only 6 percent have been cleaned. Actions that have been made to “help the waters are only making them worse. Some have tuned into burning the oil. Although this may take the oil out of the Oceans, it is now polluting our air making matters worse. Horrible things have happened to the Oceans and what has been done? Out of all the living animals only 6% cleanes of oil? When will we take action to help these poor creatures?

Many types and parts of the Oceans are being destroyed but a huge one is our coral reefs. Oil spills, anchor damage, untreated sewage waste, and pesticides are main factors. The BP oil spill damaged 85% of our coral reefs. Over half of the coral was damaged because of companies little care for our wildlife. Also not only from oil spills, but from sewage companies not controlling or treating their sewage. Coral grow in water with low nutrients and when pollution such as sewage with very high nutrients it can easily destroy the coral. With the disruptions from humans we are lucky we even have one coral reef left. With a law undergo to protect it, the coral reef in Key West, Florida is our last one in the Northern Hemisphere, and people are no longer able to fish in it due to the Florida Government. If we start now by taking action many of these devastating things could be changed for good. We could stop pollution of the Ocean and keep the environment clean.

Pollution is made worse every day by humans who don’t care and don’t think about what they are doing. They do not think before they throw a pack of cans on the beach that a fish could easily get caught in the holes or that this could damage the only coral reef we have left. That is the problem, people no longer think about what they do, they just do and if we could stop this by created a law or laws then they might stop and think about it. If there was a law made for it, maybe the same person who could have killed a fish, had a pop bottle in their hand about ready to throw it in the warm sand but instead decides to put it in the newly put recycling bin alongside the lifeguard stand. Things could change for the better but only if we act, and we must act soon.

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