Dear World MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Listen up, everybody, feel the wrath of my mind.

Are you blind?

Can't you see we've been left behind?

The sun is too bright, the sky is too dark,

This drive is too long, put the car in park.

I look out my window at a dying land;

I'm a thirsty man but all I see is sand.

The Eyes are watching me and they're filled with FEAR.

The world's breakin' down; Someone get me out of here!

We got a virus that's spreadin', who knows where we're headin'

A madman with missiles who feels he's been threatened,

Our pockets are empty, the country's a joke,

There's a Duke in the South hidin' under a cloak.

Pass the bum in the street; Could you please spare a dime?

Sorry, old man, but I ain't got the time.

The Magic is lost, there's a hole in the ozone,

The ringing's getting louder; Now where's the damn phone?

We need a Global Alarm Clock, to rise and shine,

But I'm wide awake and I ain't feelin' fine.

I look real happy but there's lots of pain,

The heat is risin' fast, but what we need is rain,

To wash off the grime; Could you please pass the soap?

Maybe underneath there's a little bit of hope.

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i love this so much!


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