Save the Whales!

May 3, 2012
By kylllieeeee BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
kylllieeeee BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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Commercial whaling was extremely popular because the amount of meat that one could gain, from a whale. However, due to the large quantity of whales that were killed, the International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling in 1986. The Japanese continue to hunt the now endanger whaled for “research purposes”. As the whale population continues to decline, we all need to speak out and stop the Japanese from killing these harmless animals. Did you know that 11 different whale species are on the Endangered Animals list with some populations only being a couple hundred? According to the International Whaling Commission, in 2007 there was an estimated 121 Gray Whales in the Western North Pacific. I have been actively watching Whale Wars, a TV series about real environmentalist trying to stop the Japanese whaling fleet for 3 years now, and have also been involved in my environmental class with learning about the International Whaling Commission. First, I am going to talk about the Japanese whaling fleet that is currently killing up to 900 whales a year for “research purposes”. Second, I am going to talk about the environmentalist out there today trying to stop the Japanese from killing these whales and how you can get involved. Finally, I am going to explain to you why you should get involved and care about these whales.

Like stated before, the Japanese whaling fleet is currently killing up to 900 whales a season endangering the whales even more. Ever since the ban of whaling, Japan as well as other countries have found ways around the law. They have claimed to be killing the whales for research purposes, however many debate that all 900 whales they kill cannot be used for research. The Japanese claim to be killing the whales for the research of migration, population, and dietary habits. However, according to whale wars the law also states that all parts of the whale must be used allowing them to sell the meat from the whale in their markets. According to Social Science Lady “Whales are not here particularly for the benefit of humans, but for the benefit of the planet. All plants and animals have a contribution to make, if they cannot, then the balance of natural things on the planet is up-set, if too much balance is disturbed, without compensation, then the planet will die.” If the Japanese are not stopped then the whale populations will continue to decline effecting the ecosystem and food chain.

Secondly, I am going to explain to you about what the conservationist are doing and how you can get involved. According to Krista Mahr, anti-whaling activists chase [the Japanese] around Antarctic waters every winter. They hope that they can end the season for the Japanese whaling fleet. In 2011 their dream came true. The Sea Shepard successfully turned around Japan and ended their season early. The Sea Shepard for example is one of the many conservation groups that aim to put an end to whaling. Another group for example is the Pew Whaling Conservation Group, although they aren’t as active as they were before, they are still spreading the message and trying to end the whaling. If we all were to support these conservation groups by perhaps sending them money, support, anything, we can help them become more successful at what they do. This is their job, all these people have been moved by the killing of these whales and have decided to join the group in preventing these killings.

Finally, I want to explain to you how whales benefit you and the environment. Picture seeing this off the side of a boat, just a couple hundred feet away. Not only is this moment breath taking, but it is also a rare experience due to their endangerment. Whales not only offer a breathtaking show in the wild but they also help with tourism. According to “A full-service industry has grown up around the exploding demand to partake of that experience, ensuring that those interested in doing a bit of whale watching get the best show possible.” The whales also are on the top of the food chain, which keeps our ecosystem in order. Every one of these vanished millions of whales used to consume several hundred tons of a large species of zooplankton a year. That plankton now is undergoing a classic population explosion from the lack of predators, for example the whale. If we all get involved and support these conservationist and possibly become one our self, we can save one whale at a time. These beautiful creatures need a voice, and you can be that voice.

In conclusion, Japan, Iceland, and Norway all need to stop their killing of these beautiful creatures. By signing the petition at you help support the ban of international whaling and one day bring an end to whaling all together. In 1986 the International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling, however it says that a certain number of whales can be killed every year for research purposes; however, many believe that the Japanese are killing the whales for its meat. Like I said before, these whales need to be saved not only because it is immoral but also because they are beautiful, majestic mammals that only benefit their surrounding ecosystem. I really hope that you have been as moved as I have about the killings of these whales and that you will jump on board with me and help stop the killing of these beautiful creatures. So even though the number of grey whales is at an all time low, lets help make that number skyrocket and save these whales.

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