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   The environment surrounds us every day and offers us life. The only thing it asks in return is to be taken care of and not abused. But as human nature is, we have taken our environment for granted. In this high-tech world many people have lost sight of where we come from and what gives us life.

Our environment is the basis of all life. It provides all of the necessities of life, and it even provides little extras like chocolate beans that can be made into Hershey Bars. It is a system of cycles where, if left alone, everything will balance out. If we leave the food chain unbroken, everything will be fed. If we do not tear down the forests, animals will not become extinct. The environment would provide everything for everyone if we let it.

So why do humans feel compelled to wage war on our environment? Why do we develop where forests house endangered animals when there are other areas that could be developed. Why do we use up resources before we let the environment produce more of them? And why is it that we pollute almost everything we lay our hands on? It seems that humans can only abuse and take for granted the things that sustain life on this planet.

So now that we have torn holes in our ozone layer, killed off entire species of animals, and polluted the planet, where are we? We are on a planet that is self-destructing. What can we do? Start at the beginning. Stop abusing and start cleaning. Stop taking it for granted and start protecting it. What is good for the environment is good for everyone and what is bad for the environment will harm everyone.

When Columbus came to America he tried to buy land from the Indians. They laughed and sold it to him because they believed that no one could own the land. The land was its own. Today, that is what we need to realize. We don't own this earth, we are simply borrowing it from generations to come. We have to take care of it so when we give it away it is just as good, or even better, than when we got it. n

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